Wednesday, 1 August 2012

National Hair Loss Awareness Month: breaking the taboo on hair loss

This August sees in National Hair loss Awareness month in the USA. This month will raise public awareness on the condition of hair loss that is reportedly affecting over 80 million American men and women.

A month of awareness will draw attention to the condition, and the psychological affects that this can have upon its many sufferers. The deep affects of hair loss go beyond the physical loss of hair, and are usually covered up and not discussed, however, this month gives sufferers across America, and hopefully across the globe, a chance to break their silence and share their battle with this common, yet widely un-discussed, condition, showing people that they are not alone in their hair loss tribulations.

In addition to hair loss sufferers having the chance to openly unite in their plight this month, raising the public awareness of hair loss gives an opportunity to raise the profile of hair loss treatments, showing sufferers that hair loss is no longer something that they must endure, and that there are a range of treatments available to allow them to take control of the condition, as opposed to allowing it to rule their lives.

This national hair loss month is great for suffers of the condition, breaking the silencing taboos of hair loss, and finally giving the condition a voice, spreading the word that, with new developments in technology in this modern day and age, this is a condition that sufferers don’t have to hide and silently endure, but can be treated efficiently. Take charge of your hair loss this national hair loss awareness month! 


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