Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Confidence is a woman's greatest asset...

A recent article in the Daily Mail published the results of a poll carried out on 1000 men, asking them whether they preferred women with or without their makeup on. And the result? 73% of men bravely admitted that they prefer their partner with their makeup on- we’re sure you’re all shocked…

And the makeup look that came out as the firm favourite amongst the male population? The smoky eye. This classic makeup look, a common occurrence on the red carpet for celebs of all ages, was said to give women a ‘timeless’ look, and that it made them appear ‘sexy and mysterious’ to the opposite sex. Other makeup looks that came up trumps with the male population were boldly painted lips and a clear, fresh complexion.

Although the results of this poll should be taken with a pinch of salt, and  shouldn’t make you instantly run to the nearest mirror to amend your tried-and-tested makeup look by frantically lining your eyes with as much Kohl liner you can possibly get your hands on, it does tell us a lot about what a little bit of makeup can do for women’s confidence. A subtle smudge of eyeshadow, a flush of blusher, or a little help from some inconspicuous foundation has the ability to really boost a woman’s confidence- and we all know that’s a woman’s sexiest weapon! As the Daily Mail article quotes beauty editor, Emma Leslie, as saying, ‘there’s nothing more sexy than a confident woman, and make-up- even if just a bit of mascara or cover-up- can make a woman feel so much more empowered.’ So whether your look is a bold eye, statement lip, sculpted cheekbones, or just a subtle barely-there glow, use your preferred tools to enhance your natural beauty and shine like a star!

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