Tuesday, 27 September 2011

HIS Hair feature on Telegraph Style Blog

‘Gone today, hair tomorrow: the world of hair transplants’

Rooney-transplant-gate caused the mysterious underworld of male hair grooming to come directly into the (bald)spot-light, with more men enquiring into the options available.

Lee Kynaston author of groomingguru.co.uk editor of Men’s Health online and writer for The Daily Telegraph talks through the different possibilities for today’s ‘follicley’ challenged man:

As well as transplants there are laser therapy treatments, which claim to bring follicles back to life, stimulating hair growth. There are nifty little weaves that attach to your existing barnet, and a concealer called Nanogen, essentially microscopic hairlike fibres that you sprinkle on your scalp like hundreds and thousands, and which cling to your thinning strands (nanogenhair.com).”

“There is even hope for billiard-ball baldies in the shape of a tattooing treatment that creates the effect of scalp stubble (hishairclinic.com).”

HIS Hair (Hair Improvement Specialists) is the pioneer of the MHT® scalp pigmentation treatment that creates a short shaved look for balding men. MHT® is a simple solution with virtually no down-time meaning that men can go back to their daily life full of confidence.

(From the article) Mark Simpson, author of Metrosexy: A 21st Century Self-Love Story and a leading authority on the shifting nature of masculinity said; 'Rooney's outing was a watershed moment, It's a sign that something has changed. These days, there's much less shame about men caring about their appearance. In fact, there's quite a lot of out-of-the-closet pride.'

For more from Lee kynaston visit www.groomingguru.co.uk follow @grooming_guru 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Travolta’s bad hair days

It’s a case of hair today and gone tomorrow as John Travolta has been recently spotted with and without the hair-piece in the same day.

Now having admitted to having to using a weave to give him the look of his younger days, he looks to have had some moments of confusion deciding to go without.

The 57-year-old Hollywood actor was seen sporting a much balder look after playing tennis with some friends, but then hours later he had a beaming smile on his face with a thick full head of hair.

The more natural look of receding hairline and thinning hair is a far-cry from his most famous role as ‘Danny Zuko’, where he had a plethora of luscious locks he continuously combed to make the girls swoon.

The Grease star seems to be unsure of the best method for balding solutions, however to create a look with more consistency, he could turn to MHT® scalp pigmentation technique that provides a more modern permanent style, than the old-fashioned toupee or weave.

The ground-breaking scalp pigmentation technique was pioneered and launched 9 years ago by HIS Hair and creates a natural looking simulation of micro hairs on the scalp, creating the appearance of a short cropped hair style, like Wentworth Miller and Vin Diesel.

MHT® scalp pigmentation involves no surgery, no scarring and no hair pieces, meaning Travolta could keep a constant hair style and avoid bad hair days like today.


Two and a Half Hairs

As 28 million tuned in to watch the first episode of Two and a Half Men since the bizarre exit of Charlie Sheen, the focus was not on Ashton Kutcher, Charlie’s replacement, but on Jon Cryer and his re-appearing hair.

On screen Jon Cryer plays the hapless Alan Harper who lives in the shadow of his rich, alcoholic, womanising brother, Charlie Harper (played by Sheen). Life imitating art anyone?

Off screen this week, Cryer was spotted by Daily Mail finishing the Malibu Triathlon with a thinning crown on top, but then hours later he was up on stage at the Emmy Awards presenting an award whilst showing off a full head of hair?

Forget the confusion surrounding Charlie’s demise from the show, this is the real mystery!

For 46-year-old Cryer, the thought of going bald must be too much to ‘bare’ as experts believe he has used a toupee or weave, however there are more natural looking ways to create a look with thinning hair – as the MHT® scalp pigmentation proves!

HIS Hair have created MHT® scalp pigmentation that gives the appearance of a cropped shaved look for balding men.

With a clinic currently being opened in LA, Jon Cryer would have no difficulty heading into the treatment centre and coming out looking rugged and natural, rather than pretending he used miracle grow in the afternoon!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Midlands Media Challenge – Furore girls don’t finish last!

The challenge was simple, get all the PROs and Journalists from in and around Birmingham into a room, throw down the gauntlet of a pub quiz style evening and let the competition begin.

The room was actually the upstairs of the very lovely ‘Nuvo’ bar near Broad Street, and the quizmaster was the extremely distinguished Bob Warman off of Central News fame, complete with cheeky jokes and a warming smile.

Prize wise, it was not just the champagne that got us excited, or the Milk Tray that had Nav’s eyes lit up, but the prestigious honour of hopefully not coming last in the Midlands Media Challenge (we had high hopes).

So how did the Furore PR girls get on?

General knowledge – we’re not that blonde you know. 8 out of 10 thank-you!

Music – Steph whipped out her extensive knowledge of funk and soul to gain maximum points!

Media – This was our speciality baby! But who did invent the radio? Answers on a postcard!

Picture – If only Nikki could remember The South Bank Show, but she could hum the tune!

Birmingham – We are ashamed to say we didn’t know Birmingham’s motto ‘Forward’! Did you?

Overall, we came SIXTH (from bottom)! Well, we were pleased anyway.

With over £2000 raised for Birmingham’s Air Ambulance it was a successful night all round, so we’re off to start revising for the next one...

Thanks to the CIPR for organising the fantastic event.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

HIS Hair open days

Hairloss Improvement Specialists, HIS Hair will be holding open days at their London and Birmingham clinics, talking through and demonstrating the benefits of their ground-breaking  Scalp Pigmentation MHT® treatment.

Managing Director, Ranbir Rai-Watson performing Scalp Pigmentation MHT®  

 The first open day is being held at the Birmingham clinic on Tuesday 13th September, from 9am to 5pm and the second one at the Harley Street clinic, in London on Thursday 15th September, from 2pm to 5pm.

These open days will give potential clients, press, forum users, hairdressers and other people in the hair trade the opportunity to meet some of the clients and practitioners to answer any potential questions or queries.

There will also be a current client called Gurnam Sandhu present, who has had half his head treated by MHT® and the other half not. He will help demonstrate the most realistic 'before and after' possible – allowing people to see the difference between just shaving the hair and a scalp with MHT®. Gurnam will be present at both open days, and will provide a unique opportunity to see MHT® in action from a never-seen-before perspective. Please note that this is a one-off opportunity. Gurnam will soon be having his entire head treated with MHT®.

Current client, Gurnam Sandhu

As always there is no obligation to book in any treatment, simply come along to see what HIS Hair can offer and make any decision in your own time.

Attendance is free of charge and to register your interest in attending one of the two events, please e-mail info@hishairclinic.com or call on +44 845 6044618

HIS Hair Birmingham,
272 Court Oak Road, Birmingham, B32 2EE

HIS Hair London,
100 Harley Street, London, W1G 7JA