Thursday, 26 May 2011

Furore Style... Chic Chinos!

Our resident blogger extraordinaire and bundle of fun, Stacey, came into the office last week looking rather ‘reem’…

Stacey’s chinos were from New Look (£23), selected after trying on 7 (yes, 7!) different pairs because these ones are “nice and stretchy so I can eat a lot and dance around, see?”, she says, following this with some Jersey Shore fist pumping. You can get similar styles from all good high street stores now. We love these ones in a rusty rose colour from Urban Outfitters (£48)

Stacey's vintage sleeveless blouse was picked up from a warehouse in Berlin (she went on a wee Eurotrip recently and has been banging on about this vintage shop where you pay by the kilo ever since). We especially love the pin-up girls, camels and palm trees it features!

 Similar styles are all over Topshop, including this floral number (£28)...
The necklace was her grandmas, but this similar crystal pendant is available from Debenhams for £30...

The cardigan and the suede tassel moccasins are old faithfuls from New Look, and we think they finish this look off just nicely!

Now let's hope there isn't a swarm of Stacey-likes in her replica outfit turning up for work next week... (one Stacey is more than enough for us!)

Furore love!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hot to Crop: The Cutting-Edge Style for Confident Men

Male hair trends along with men's attitudes towards grooming have had their ups and downs in the Western world over the past few decades, but finally there is a cutting-edge style that is easy, no-fuss and even helps disguise male pattern balding and hair loss. Intruiged? Read on...

Male Hair Styles Through the Ages:

50's- Elvis and James Dean rocked the slicked-back quiff and side-burns, leaving women all shook-up...

60's- Men emulated the Beatles' long straight hair or the shaggy locks of The Stones and David Cassidy.

70's- Romantic, feathered hippy locks, The 'Fro or Punky styles later in the decade were the must-have looks to be emulated.

80's- Hair and lots of it was the order of the day, from rockers like Bon Jovi and Motley Crue to Billy Ray Cyrus's infamous Mullet, plus New Romantics' volumous creations from the likes of Wham, Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran.

90's- Dreamboats like Dawson (from his Creek) had floppy fringes and sun-tinged ends. The Hi-top fade stormed hip-hop culture, and creative designs were shaved into the heads of many a young male.

00's- Beckham's Mohawk (or Fauxhawk) stormed the world, the Mullet had a short-lived comeback, and the emo sweeping fringe hid teens everywhere from sunlight.

10's- It's Here... Introducing... The Buzz Cut. THE hairstyle for cutting-edge men in the 21st Century.

In today's fast-paced society men don't want to (and don't have time to) spend hours washing, blow-drying and styling their hair. Modern men want a get-up-and-go style that is sharp, attractive and low maintenance. Having a short crop like the fine specimens above is the ultimate, and it even saves you money in the long-run as it's cheaper to maintain than conventional hair cuts, plus there's no need for shampoo, conditioner or styling products!

The buzz cut, often worn by no-nonsense men who want to project a sexy, macho exterior, is actually incredibly wearable for a huge range of guys. It can make the face look more chiselled and defined, just check out these other close-shaved hunks...

People have been shaving their heads for centuries, for all sorts of reasons from religious to aesthetic, but more increasingly- to help to disguise baldness. There are many options out there for men suffering from hair loss, though none without their associated risks. On Tuesday’s Radio 5 live with Nicky Campbell, Vidal Sassoon gave an interview about hair plugs, but HIS Hair Clinic have launched a new technique which is taking the world by storm; Micro Hair Technique Scalp Pigmentation.

No need to hide under a comb-over, suffer complicated surgeries or take placebo pills, because MHT is a pioneering new technique which gives the appearance of a full head of tiny hairs in the must-have cutting-edge style of today.

There are many online forums for fellow buzz-cut lovers and men suffering from hair loss, including Bald R Us, who "try to save men from the agony of rugs, drugs and plugs (& combovers)", Sly Bald Guys, and Buzz Cut. HIS Hair Clinic have a hugely influential forum full of past client's stories and prospective client's questions which is insightful, informative and also astounding.
Check it out and see what they can do for you, your partner or even your male friends and family.
One more nice picture of a hot cropped male, just for luck...

Go on then, just one more...

Friday, 6 May 2011

Excitement over Heath Mill Studios in Digbeth!

Everyone here at Furore PR is excited to announce that we have fab new client we can't WAIT to start working with;  Heath Mill Studios!

Set to be THE multi purpose, music education and training institute as well as the place to hang out to meet musicians that will be the Next Big Thing, Heath Mill Studios are a creative hub we'd like to shout about! Located in Birmingham’s burgeoning industrial and creative quarter Digbeth, Heath Mill Studios sits in the heart of Birmingham’s music scene, just round the corner from the Custard Factory and a short walk from the city centre (not to mention a handy 2 minute walk away from the Furore Office!)

Boasting an eighty capacity performance space, six rehearsal rooms and two recording studios, Heath Mill Studios is a multi purpose, music education and training institute for students, musicians and members of the general public too. Its cool and colourful premises are home to two of the UK's leading music education and training organisations for people who want to get involved the music industry; Armstrong Learning and their education business; Access to Music.

Armstrong Learning not only provides employability skills, mentoring and creative industry advice but help people find sustained employment to assist their creative aspirations. Specialist advisers offer bespoke advice and insights to thousands of people about all aspects of working in the music industry; from promotion, networking, CVs and employment to action planning and business issues, Armstrong Learning at Heath Mill Studios are the people to talk to!

Armstrong Learning manage the UK’s leading provider of popular music education, training and consultancy; Access to Music. Recently upped-sticks after 12 years at Snow Hill, Access to Music have helped thousands of people so far on their journeys to employment, and we're delighted to work with them to help them continue thier amazing achievements. 

Access to Music currently offer a huge range of industry-recognised qualifications, including Advanced Apprenticeships and Further Education courses, but will be expanding their services into practical employability and work force training, holding weekly informative lectures and even an under 18’s gig night and incentive competitions too!  For more information head to their Open Day, 11am-2pm on Saturday 14th May!

Access to Music have helped students become self-employed, make it to the charts (famous Alumni include such artists as DJ Ironik and Adam Anderson from Hurts!) or find employment at huge record labels including Polydor and Futureproof, and at other music organisations like DJ magazine.

Adam, on the right
The official launch of Heath Mill Studios will take place on Thursday 9th June. Open to press, prospective students, parents of students, heads of music, local musicians and other key figures, the launch is an unmissable opportunity to come and discover exactly what the studios offers, and how it can benefit you.
For more information about the launch, open day or music courses on offer, visit Access to Music online or drop Director Graeme Howell a line (you can find his details on the ATM website).