Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Another victory and another injury for Team GB's women's hockey

Yesterday saw yet another glorious victory for Team GB’s women’s hockey, the girls winning 5-3 over South Korea, following on from the epic hands-down 4-0 victory over Japan on Sunday. Well done girls!

But another great victory saw yet another damaging injury for the team, leaving Britain speculating whether the girls can sustain this level of success with these continual injuries cropping up. With the team’s captain, Kate Walsh, already recovering in hospital from surgery to place a metal plate into her jaw after a blow to the face in Sunday’s match against Japan, last night saw top GB scorer, Alex Danson, stretchered off the pitch in agony 3 minutes from time after sustaining a twisted ankle in a tackle. Although the girls appear to be unfazed by these injuries, failing to let it beat their great record of victories so far in the 2012 Olympic Games, it appears that the team are dropping like flies!

The girls could really benefit with a few sessions of Bowen Therapy to ensure that these injuries are treated efficiently, and that they do not affect our great chances in getting the gold! Bowen therapy is a technique that releases muscular stresses from deep within, and encourages the body to recognise its injuries and heal itself, rather than manipulating an unnatural change. This means that Bowen Therapy treats muscular injuries from deep within the muscle, leading to an efficient treatment for injury not only in the short term, but also in the long run, meaning that out injured Olympic hopefuls have a greater chance of getting back to the competition, whilst ensuring that their sustained injuries do not cause any problems in the long run.

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We wish both Walsh and Danson a speedy recovery, and wish the girls good luck and to keep up the good work- GO TEAM GB! 

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