Friday, 26 November 2010

The Best in Beauty

Well hello! Blog entry number 2 and it’s the turn of me, Sarah. I thought I’d follow suit and briefly discuss the upcoming season’s trends, but instead of fashion I’m going to focus on beauty with 5 top new trends.

Personally Autumn/ Winter is my favourite season, in regard to beauty my skin tone could be described as pale at best (I like to refer to myself as an English rose, as it gives the impression my skin tone is actually a fashion statement) therefore autumn/winter beauty trends suit me much better than spring/summer! This year’s trends in particular are making me excited for the arrival of the autumn months. I must warn you, the following summary of top new beauty trends contains some controversial suggestions……

1. Brown Eyes – Chocolates, toffees, caramels, coffee, pick a colour and go for it. Smoky is good, if you’re feeling adventurous, horizontal lines across the eye are also popular.


2. Red lips – YAAAAAY!!!! I can’t express my excitement enough. I don’t really need an excuse to use red lipstick as I LOVE this colour. You don’t need to go post box red, pick a shade that suits your skin tone, but strong and vibrant is the way to go. Deep purples have also made an appearance giving a bit more of a grunge feel.

Dolce and Gabanna

3. Nude Eyelashes – Yes, that means no mascara. I told you there would be some controversy. Well I don’t know what to say about this. I guess it saves money. It’s going to be hard to pull off this trend without looking like you missed out a step of your make up routine. I guess you could compromise with clear mascara, or at least step away from the false eyelashes; minimalism is key. Quite honestly I do believe this trend will stay on the catwalk.

Christopher Kane

4. Brows – controversial too. Think thick and dark. I do much prefer this trend to the ‘plucked with in an inch of its life brow’ which seems to be sweeping the nation, much to my disgust. If your not convinced, bushier eyebrows make you look younger….. FACT…..Sort of.

Narciso Rodriguez

5. Clear complexion –Perfectly finished healthy glowing skin is a must. There’s some new trends emerging in beauty treatments which can help to achieve this; Mesotherapy is the big one, it’s a new non invasive treatment that works wonders for lines and complexions. Oxygen treatments are also big, good if you live in the city as it can help restore damage done from pollution.
Fusion Mesotherapy

Oxynergy Paris

So there you go; my top 5 trends for autumn/winter 2010/2011.You might need to tone them down a bit and adjust colours for your skin tone, but there’s defiantly some great achievable looks out there.

Until next time!

Bye Bye Botox... Hello Happy Skin!

There has been a mass of media coverage recently documenting how celebrities and mere mortals alike are shunning invasive facial treatments like Botox and plastic surgery in favour of advanced skincare products and new anti-aging techniques like Mesotherapy.

This article in the Daily Mail heralds "Botox is out!", MyDaily say 'Never Mind the Botox', and CelebriFI points to research in the British Journal of Dermatology that says moisturising is better for preventing wrinkles than anti-aging.

Many celebrities are turning away from the muscle-paralysing substance too...
Anne Hathaway has reportedly shunned Botox, Kim Kardashian was left brusied after her TV Botox ordeal, Terri Hatcher posted anti-botox pictures on Facebook, Courtney Cox is against the frozen Botox-face, and Geri Halliwell has also stopped getting the injections.

Today the skincare focus lies on non-invasive treatments that help to prevent the signs of ageing; by applying products and using techniques on the surface of the skin that repairs and rejuvenates skin cells beneath the upper epidermis.

One of these techniques highly regarded by skincare professionals and researchers as well as by those forward-thinking individuals already using it, is needle-free Mesotherapy.

Needle-free Mesotherapy is a skin rejuvenating treatment that combines powerful active ingredients in specialist skincare with the latest medical and anti-aging technologies, and is one of the techniques used by Oxynergy Paris to combat the signs of ageing.

Oxynergy Paris provide skincare, treatments and devices which specialise in increasing oxygen and energy levels in the skin to maintain the look of young skin and reduce ageing imperfections.

Needle-free mesotherapy is achieved by using the Oxynergy enhancer machine, which uses pulsed high frequencies to induce the formation of transient pores and increase the trans-dermal delivery of the products into the skin. The specialist products can then be applied to the skin to penetrate into the skin cells themselves. 

One of the active ingredients used by Oxynergy is Hyaluronic Acid, which has been hailed as the new way to combat anti-aging without Botox; see this article, and this one, and this article too!

Two of the products in the Oxynergy range that use this ingredient and are designed specifically to prevent aging skin problems like wrinkles, dryness and loss of elasticity are the Oxynergy Hyaluronic Acid Filler (30ml, £48) and the Hydratation Intense Moisturiser (50ml, £40). 
The Oxynergy Filler provides long-lasting hydration with continual moisturising and anti-aging ingredients including Hydromanyl and Hyaluronic acid. Recommended to be massaged into the face and neck twice daily, this intensive serum has a silky soft texture that forms and maintains a hydrating moisturise reserve without even a hint of oiliness.

Recommended for use after the Hyaluronic Acid Filler is the Hydratation Intense Moisturiser.

Oxynergy Hydratation Intense Moisturiser is a rich facial treatment specially formulated for normal to dry skin. This soft, light cream is non-greasy and non-sticky, so can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté 2 to 3 times a day for intense hydration and anti-aging properties, enriched with active ingredients including Algicium C and Hyaluronic acid. The dual action formula both reduces the sources of skin aging within the cells, and promotes the repair of skin damages including collagen break down, hyper-sensitivity, wrinkles and loss of moisture.


I tested the Oxynergy Hyaluronic Acid Filler (30ml, £48) and the Hydratation Intense Moisturiser (50ml, £40).

Both products did what they said on the box- they moisturised my skin leaving it supple and soft, and didn’t leave my skin even slightly greasy or sticky.

The moisturizer was my favourite of the two products as it smelt great, felt wonderful on my fingers and face and I really saw results- fast.
I used these products for only one week and already my skin feels softer and more hydrated. I applied the products religiously before bed every night though the products are suitable for use multiple times per day, and if my skin was this hydrated after only one daily application then I welcome the effects of more frequent use!
If I continue to use these products for a longer period of time I believe they will help to prevent the signs of aging, by ensuring my skin stays plump and hydrated to help stop wrinkles forming, and by helping to prevent the loss of skin elasticity.
I’d definitely recommend these products to anyone who wants to treat their skin like it deserves to be treated- you and your skin are more than worth it!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Royal Rings and Sapphire Things...

So Kate and Wills are finally to be the hottest Royal husband and wife of the decade!

Wills proposed with the late Princess Diana's 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring, and on announcing their engagement on Tuesday Kate wore it beautifully and looked radiant.

Kate's choice of engagement dress was stunning; a bright blue long-sleeved £385 Issa London dress that showed off her svelte figure and matched that sapphire engagement ring just perfectly.

The dress is now sold out at Harvey Nichols and Matches, and no doubt countless fans and fashionistas will be on the look-out for a look-a-like dress and sapphire ring of their own...

Well look no further! Fei Liu has a range of beautiful sapphire and diamond Felicia rings available from his Bridal collection that channel to royal ring vibe...

Felicia Round Blue with sapphire band

These rings feature a removable inner wedding band within the jewelled engagement ring, thus comprising of two beautiful rings in one- genius!

Felicia Round Blue with diamond band
Felicia Blue with sapphire band

Felicia Blue with Diamond band

All of these rings are available in platinum or white gold, please see Fei Liu's website for contact details.

The wonderful designers at Epoque have a long-sleeved navy blue dress in their Autumn/Winter collection that is as fitted, flattering and fabulous as Kate's Issa number, and is perfect for the winter party season...

So why not make like Kate and look royally stylish in sapphire this winter... (rhyme, pun and alliteration in one sentence- I am on FIRE!)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Danii Minogue wears Fei Liu on X Factor

Stacey here!

Just want you all to appreciate Danii Minogue's (or her stylist's!) fabulous taste in jewellery as exemplified on Sunday's X Factor results show, when she wore our client Fei Liu's stunning drop earrings from his award-winning 'Whispering' collection.

The show reached millions of viewers and I'm sure most of them thought she looked bee-yoo-tiful.

The earrings look amazing with Danii's sleek sunkissed-bob . The green gemstones brought out the colours in her eyes (look how Striking they look!) and they really framed her gorgeous wish-I-had-it face.

Made from white gold and set with green amethist, green garnet and diamonds, these earings are just the right mix of dainty and dazzling; elegant enough to look classic and demure yet unique enough for Danii to reveal she has her finger on the fashion pulse.

I'm looking forward to seeing more stylish celebs wearing Fei Liu's fabulous designs in the future.

Fei Liu jewellery is available at Annoushka @ Harvey Nichols, Brown Thomas, Selfridges, Harrods and Liberty.