Monday, 30 April 2012

Bowen Therapy - Asthma Awareness Week

Today kicks off Asthma Awareness Week 2012, and tomorrow is Asthma Awareness Day, a public health event that doesn’t often get the coverage it deserves.

Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways and symptoms include wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

The disorder has been significantly more prevalent since the 1970s, and in 2010 300 million people were affected worldwide.

An acute asthma exacerbation is commonly referred to as an asthma attack which can be a very scary experience.

Signs which occur during an asthma attack could include the use of accessory muscles of respiration, a paradoxical pulse (a pulse that is weaker during inhalation and stronger during exhalation), and over-inflation of the chest.

A blue color of the skin and nails may occur from lack of oxygen also.

This means that an asthma sufferer’s quality of life can be severely affected by the disease.

The Global Initiative for Asthma claims “These episodes are usually associated with widespread, but variable airflow obstruction within the lung that is often reversible either spontaneously or with treatment...”

…Which is where Bowen comes in.

The Bowen Technique is an alternative therapy renowned for treating asthma.

With primarily fingers and thumbs, the Bowen practitioner makes small, rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points on the body, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for that individual. No hard-tissue manipulation or force is needed or used.

As Bowen is both very gentle and non-invasive, there is no danger in using it with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

The treatment reduces the level of attack very quickly, and has given very effective results that last.

Bowen triggers the body’s own healing systems i.e. Rather than 'making' the body change, Bowen 'asks' the body to recognise the ailment and make the changes it requires.

What the technique does achieve very often is the release of tightness in the chest which aids both asthmatics and other respiratory sufferers.

To read some testimonials from asthma sufferers who have had brilliant results from Bowen click here and to find a Bowen practitioner near you, visit the website.

Pixie Geldof & Georgia Jagger front breast cancer campaign

The two London IT girls are the new faces of the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer promotion, following in the footsteps of Kate Moss, Twiggy, Claudia Schiffer and Sienna Miller.

Pixie and Georgia May are two of the youngest spokesmodels of the fundraising campaign, which is now in its 16th year.

Georgia May Jagger

The rockstar daughters were beautifully captured in grainy black-and-white portraits by celebrated fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth to promote the merchandise.

A host of high street retailers including M&S, Topshop, River Island and Warehouse as well as have created bespoke FTBC pieces under style themes of 'Festival Fever', 'Royal Tea Party' and 'Seaside Promenade'.

These range from friendship-style bracelets, scarves, bikinis and printed T-shirt tops, while Coast has created three Jubilee-inspired party dresses.

30 per cent made from sales will go to support the charity, which has raised £12 million since launching.

Pixie Geldof
"Buy it, fight it, wear your support" says 20-year-old Jagger in a short promotional video.

To see the video and for more information on the campaign, visit the FTBC website.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Treat your furry friend to a Bowen treatment

The RSPCA yesterday revealed that animal cruelty in the UK had risen by nearly a quarter last year.

The animal welfare charity received 1.3 million calls in 2011, a 13% rise on the previous year.

However, fortunately, there are people out there who give their pets the love and care they deserve.

There has been a strong increase in the number of animals being brought to Bowen therapists across the country.

That’s right, the Bowen technique doesn’t only work on us humans!

Dogs and horses respond particularly well to the treatment, aiding any muscular or seasonal problems they may have.

It works wonderfully in helping animals relax and can just be a nice calming treat for them.

We’re finding that people who have never had a Bowen treatment themselves are bringing their pets to try the technique.

The practitioner makes small, rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for the animal.

No hard-tissue manipulation or force is needed or used.

Between each set of moves, your pet can rest for a few minutes, to allow them to absorb the information they have received and initiate any healing processes.

Show some animal love and see if a qualified Bowen practitioner near you could help your pet by visiting the website or calling 0844 561 7173

Behind the scenes at HIS Hair Channel 5 shoot

HIS Hair’s Birmingham Clinic was a showbiz hub last Thursday. The country’s leading innovator in scalp pigmentation was the focus of a Channel 5 feature for LIVE with…

Formally hosted by Gabby Logan, LIVE with… now features a guest presenter each week discussing stories from across the UK with celebrities and audience members.

Channel 5 approached the clinic about getting involved in the show in order to showcase the latest alternative innovation in hair loss.

Co-Founders and Directors of HIS Hair, Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson, were interviewed for the six-minute film talking about their pioneering Micro Hair Technique - MHT®

Ian getting his mic fitted

Cameramen from Princess Productions, who produce programmes like Sunday Brunch, T4 and The Wright Stuff, were there capturing everything.

Ranbir with the guys from Princess Productions

Delighted (and very brave) client, Justin Davds, offered to undergo a treatment on camera to demonstrate how HIS Hair’s MHT® works.

Justin getting mic-ed up

Justin’s treatment was carried out by experienced HIS Hair practitioner Paul Clark. It was Justin’s third session and, as you can see from the pictures, he has been left with brilliant results.

Justin and his practitioner Paul

To top off a wonderful shoot, comedian Lee Hurst of They Think It’s All Over popped by to interview Justin, brightening up the rainy Thursday afternoon.

Comedian Lee Hurst ready to interview Justin

Proud baldy Lee, who was very friendly and chatty (and tall), spoke to Justin and Paul about what the treatment consists of, how it feels and how it looks.

To see the feature, watch LIVE with… today on Channel 5 at 11:10am or catch it on Demand 5.

For more information on HIS Hair Clinic, or to book your complementary consultation, visit the website or call 0845 604 4618.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Salesmen top of Britain's bald professions

A study of 1,903 male workers, conducted by REGAINE® Foam for men, found 60% of those specialising in selling goods or services suffer from some degree of hair loss.

This could be either a receding hair line, thinning on the scalp or total baldness. Just over half of those people working in the sales industry believe that their long working hours were contributing to their thinning hair.

Second in the list of professionals most likely to lose hair are software engineers and developers – with 59% claiming to have some degree of baldness.

55% of male nurses have to contend with a visible scalp, putting them in third place.

Falling just behind in fourth place is drivers. 71% of drivers claim they work long hours and see this as a big factor in their hair loss.

Nicola Reid, Brand Manager for REGAINE® for Men Foam says:

‘While it’s commonly believed that stress and work pressures make hair loss worse, the hereditary nature of the condition means that it’s more likely that your parents are to blame not your career choice!’
Just under half of shop assistants asked claimed they were thinner on top than they’d like, leaving them in fifth place in the poll.

Office managers, Engineers, Bankers, Marketers, Production Managers and Electricians are also featured in the top 10 baldest professions.

The survey shows that 61% of men think that their colleagues do not take them seriously as a result of balding.

And another 61% felt less attractive with little or no hair compared to when they were sporting a full head.

Even though the survey shows that hair loss is a big issue for men, the majority of men surveyed were not taking any steps to combat their hair loss, with 83% doing nothing to treat their balding.

They may be hesitant about spending money on questionable medication or undergoing drastic surgery. Yet HIS Hair’s scalp pigmentation could provide the non-surgical, non-medicated but undoubtedly dependable disguise for this unsure majority.

For more information on HIS Hair Clinic, click here.


1. Salesman

2. Software

3. Nurse

4. Driver

5. Shop Assistant

6. Banker and Marketing

7. Office Manager

8. Engineer

9. Production Manager

10. Electrician

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

BTPA at Royal College of Nursing Congress again!

Last year, BTPA attended the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Congress in Liverpoolwhich was a huge success. They have very kindly asked us back this year to be part of their Health and Wellbeing area.

This is a great opportunity for us to give nurses a chance to learn about Bowen’s healing qualities and give them a chance to try it.

We’ve got a group of members attending in order to give taster sessions to delegates at this wonderful event.

Speakers will include Rt Hon Andrew Lansley CBE MP, Secretary of State for Health and Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of HM Opposition.

It is taking place at the Harrogate International Centre from 13-17th May 2012.

You have to be a RCN member to attend but registration to become a member is free. For more information, visit

FDA confirms that Propecia could have sexual side effects

35 million men in the USA suffer with some form of hair loss. 15% of these males use Finasteride, which goes by the brand name Propecia, to combat balding.

Rumours that Propecia causes sexual problems have circulated for years however, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have now affirmed that this may be true.

Propecia was approved by the FDA in 1997 and has since been one of the most popular hair loss treatments in America.

Wayne Rooney supposedly uses it, even though he has undergone a hair transplant, to stabilise and reverse the effects of hair loss.

However it has been reported that it can cause male infertility, impotence and poor semen quality, leaving some users in a tricky dilemma.

The FDA reviewed 421 accounts of sexual dysfunction caused by Propecia from 1998 to 2011. It suggests that 59 people reported sexual problems, while there were 131 cases of erectile dysfunction and 68 cases of decreased libido.

When users stopped taking the drug the symptoms improved, but in some cases the symptoms remained for more than three months after stopping the medicine.

The FDA has announced that it plans to make label changes to the tablet to include a warning about the potential sexual side effects.

However, of course, this does not address or overcome the extent of negative byproducts of so many hair loss drugs.

Propecia is made by global healthcare leader Merck and takes 3-12 months to take any effect.

Pamela Eisele, a spokeswoman for Merck said in a statement “Merck believes that Propecia [is] generally well tolerated and effective for their prospective indicated use when used in accordance with their approved labeling”.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Uma Thurman could benefit from Bowen Therapy

Pictures of mum-to-be Uma Thurman showing off her baby-bump in a New York park have emerged today.

The Kill Bill star, who already has two children, announced earlier this year that she is expecting a daughter at 41.

Last month, the pregnant actress was snapped in St Barts looking healthy and toned wearing a black bikini.

Often, when women have a baby after the age of 35, the stress on both the spine and the pelvis which occurs during pregnancy can worsen and intensifies as the birth approaches.

Knock-on effects of pain and discomfort are often also felt in the muscles and ligaments which support the spine and the pelvis.

Older mums like Uma Thurman, who is a fan of alternative remedies like Gemstone Therapy, could benefit from a course of Bowen treatment.

Bowen is a drug-free, non-invasive complementary therapy. With primarily fingers and thumbs, the Bowen practitioner makes small, rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points on the body, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for that individual.

No hard-tissue manipulation or force is used and between each set of moves, the body is allowed to rest for a few minutes, to allow it to absorb the information it has received and initiate the healing process.

Bowen prides itself on being able to trigger the body’s own healing systems. Rather than 'making' the body change, Bowen 'asks' the body to recognise and make the changes it requires.

The advantage of the Bowen Technique over most other alternative therapies is that pregnant women can be treated in the sitting position or lying on their side.

Many of the problems associated with pregnancy can be treated with the treatment both before and after childbirth. These include severe backache, headaches, nausea, tiredness and decreased energy levels, sciatica, leg ache and heartburn.

The long-term hormonal and musculoskeletal changes can last many months after childbirth with often painful symptoms. Both the relaxing and therapeutic effects of the Bowen Technique are particularly useful during this period and can be performed within hours of birth.

Trials in the UK, Australia and New Zealand using the Bowen Technique on infertile couples for whom no other obvious reason for being unable to conceive has been found, have met with remarkable success.

If you’re suffering with pregnancy, post-birth or infertility problems and want to try Bowen therapy visit

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lady Gaga loses her locks

Most women are guilty of regularly colouring, singeing and bleaching their hair, however this regime could not only damage hair but make it disappear altogether.

Gaga has admitted that constantly experimenting with eccentric hair styles/colours has left her hair falling out.

Lagy Gaga's natural hair colour

While actress Neve Campbell and TV presenter Gail Porter, have both spoken out about experiencing sudden hair loss due to the autoimmune disease alopecia.

We all shed an average of between 50 and 100 hairs every day. When this natural rate of loss speeds up, it becomes noticeable and can be very distressing for some people.

Bleached and damaged locks

Hair loss in women can be caused by a variety of things; nutritional deficiency, pregnancy and thyroid imbalance to name a few.

Another common culprit is alopecia. Thought to be caused by stress, alopecia is an autoimmune disease in which the hair follicles become inflamed, causing the hairs to fall out.

Stress is also thought to cause androgenic alopecia, which is not an autoimmune disorder but a condition in which female hair loss mimics that of male-pattern baldness.

Gaga bald on Paul O'Grady Show

Another female dealing with issues of hair loss is the one and only… Barbie.

Toymakers Mattel are set to launch a new doll embracing a bald and beautiful look.

This was a response to a Facebook campaign urging the company to make a toy that children suffering with hair loss could relate to. The Barbie will be given directly to these children when production is complete next year.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Top ten celebrities that use alternative therapy

Alterative therapy is definitely having a moment.

It’s no longer reserved for quirky or bohemian souls, it is becoming far more widely used.

Celebrity treatments are now available at your local spa or beauty salon.

Here’s a list of ten celebrity alternative therapies, some a little more alternative than others.

Yoga – Madonna

The Queen of Pop is renowned for her love of yoga. She practices Ashtanga yoga, a style which encourages more dynamic movements and transitions between the postures, as a wonderful physical, mental and spiritual discipline.

Acupuncture – Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo, who has recently lost over a stone, attributes her weight-loss to this Eastern art of healing. It uses fine, hollow needles inserted at specific sites on the body called meridians, to rebalance energy, improve health and relieve stress.

Reiki – Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman uses the ancient healing art of Reiki to ease the stresses of her busy life. Reiki, practiced by “laying on the hands”, is a form of energetic healing designed to remove blocks within the body that cause disease and mental illness.

Meditation – Russell Simmons

Co-founder of hip-hop record label Def Jam, Russell Simmons, has been meditating for nearly 15 years. He couples this daily practice with detoxifying steam showers, a light work-out routine and a vegan diet for the ultimate health regime.

Ayurveda – Christy Turlington

Supermodel and mom, Christy Turlington, is an avid practitioner of Ayurveda. This is a holistic system that guides you to live according to your ‘dosha’ i.e. your body-mind type.

Homeopathy – Catherine Zeta-Jones

Mrs Michael Douglas has used homeopathic medicine Arnica since filming Chicago back in 2002. It helps heal bruising, muscle aches and stiffness, which she suffered with on the Chicago shoot.

Gemstone Therapy – Uma Thurman

The Kill Bill star engages in Gem Therapy, a practice where followers believe that certain gems radiate specific energies that can affect mood and well-being. Rubies and roselle can help with emotional healing and uplift according to Gem Therapy.

Hydrotherapy – Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who sadly died last year, supposedly used hydrotherapy as an alternative treatment for his pancreatic cancer. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating illness.

Chinese Cupping – Gwyneth Paltrow

Chinese Cupping is a kind of acupuncture which involves placing heated cups over the skin to encourage blood flow and ease stress, aches, and pains. In 2004, Gwyneth Paltrow turned up to a film premiere with large circular bruises on her back from cupping.

Leech Therapy – Demi Moore

Leech Therapy involves leeches releasing an enzyme into your blood when they’re biting down on you. Supposedly, it optimises health and detoxifies the blood. Demi Moore admitted she had undergone Leech Therapy in Austria for its healing properties.

If you want to try a little less bloodthirsty alternative therapy, you should consider Bowen.

The Bowen Technique is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive, complementary therapy.

Rather than 'making' the body change, Bowen 'asks' the body to recognise the ailment and make the changes it requires.

Bowen can help sports injuries, migraine and digestive problems as well as stress and sleep problems.

During the 30-60 minute treatment, the Bowen practitioner makes small, rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points on the body, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for that individual.

No hard-tissue manipulation or force is needed or used.

Between each set of moves, the body is allowed to rest for a few minutes, to allow it to absorb the information it has received and initiate the healing process.

If you want a celeb-like therapy treatment, consider Bowen Therapy. Find a qualified Bowen practitioner near to you by visiting or call 0844 561 7173

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mattel to launch bald Barbie

Toy company Mattel has announced plans to add a bald Barbie doll to its line-up in order to help children suffering with hair loss.

It is in response to an ongoing Facebook campaign urging Mattel to launch a hairless doll that children battling cancer and other diseases that cause hair loss can relate to.

The Beautiful and Bald Barbie Facebook page now has over 150,000 likes.

Initially, Mattel told campaigners that they do not take unsolicited Barbie doll ideas from outsiders however it appears persistence paid off in the end.

The toymakers says the new doll will be a friend of Barbie and will come with the usual glamorous accessories including wigs, scarves and hats.

However, unlike Barbie, the doll will not be stocked on store shelves but will be given directly to children affected by hair loss.

The company says it will also give dolls to the Children's Cancer and the National Alopecia Areata foundations.

Production is set to begin next year.

The news comes shortly after Alopecia sufferer Toni Warne, 34, blew the judges away with her rendition of Will Young’s ‘Leave Right Now’ on the first episode of BBC1’s The Voice.

For more information on male alopecia visit