Thursday, 28 July 2011

Look healthy and youthful the natural way!

The Furore PR team along with millions of other women (and a percentage of men!) around the world are always on the look out for the latest skincare that can help us preserve our youthful looks. Well look no further as we present to you the newest Botox alternative – Organic Natox.

We know, we’ve heard it all before but we can assure you that Natox is a product with a difference. As the name suggests it’s an organic and natural alternative that gives the same results as Botox but without needles and most importantly without any of the chemicals.

For those of us that opt to live eco-friendly lifestyles Natox is music to our ears – just because we want to try and help the environment doesn’t mean we neglect our skin or don’t want to look our best does it? Furthermore there are a lot of us that are conscious about the chemicals and treatments that we often expose our skin to.

Natox is a clinically proven anti-ageing cream that delivers 100% natural ingredients to the skin. It features a revolutionary skin relaxing process which does not use chemical reduced reactions and instead utilizes science based quantum physics. The results are simple:

• Lines become reduced

• Smoother and refined skin tone

• Skin becomes firmer and more plump

• Improved hydration

• Luminous complexion

Created by world leading scientists, Natox is fragrance free, not tested on animals and has virtually no carbon footprint – something that not many products can shout about!

We also have to mention the fabulous packaging; the 50ml bottle is a sleek ergonomic design that just further reinforces its natural appeal. Perfect for both young and mature women, you simply apply a small amount to the tip of your finger and gently massage into the problem area on the face until fully absorbed. Use Natox twice daily morning and night and notice the changes after four weeks.

If you want to capture your natural beauty look no further than Natural Botox – Natox!
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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Matt Damon causes a buzz with his new buzz cut!

Another week goes by and another celebrity opts to fly the flag for the buzz cut! This time it’s the turn of Hollywood A-Lister Matt Damon who last week surprised the world when he revealed his new hairdo. The 40 year old was spotted in Vancouver and rumour has it that the decision to go for the chop was all because of his new role for Elysium.

Matt Damon as we used to know him

Known for playing international spy Jason Bourne in the Bourne trilogy and a suave conman in the Ocean’s movies, Matt Damon is not known for changing his hairstyles.

Matt sporting his new hairdo

Matt’s new cropped style goes to show that it’s not just men in their 20s and 30s that can carry off a buzz cut – men in their 40s should also feel confident enough to wear this style. With Matt’s new hair and Channing Tatum opting for a newly shaved head a few weeks ago could Hollywood finally be catching on to what we’ve been saying  for all these years?? The buzz cut is on trend and here to stay!
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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Prince William’s ‘Heir’ raising issues

Prince William is no stranger to the alopecia anguish that plague men up and down the country, and now the taboo subject of this thinning crown has been highlighted by none other than the Queen’s own hairdresser Ian Carmichael.

The 50-year-old cheekily addressed the Heir’s hair by stating “I think William should have a hair transplant, I know he doesn’t want to because he thinks people would criticise him for it but there’s really no shame in it. It’s not just Wayne Rooney, so many men are having them.”

Although transplants are becoming more popular, they take time to undergo and patients need weeks of down-time after the procedure; something that in-demand William hasn’t got.

Ian has tended to her majesty’s royal locks for 14 years and said recently “William had braces on his teeth when he was younger and it’s the same principle. It’s all cosmetic, isn’t it? Hair and teeth are the key to looking young.”

The cosmetic procedure that the Prince could turn to is innovative hair loss solution called MHT® (Micro Hair Technique). The MHT® treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical scalp pigmentation process which replicates the look of incredibly short individual hair follicles on receding hairlines and balding areas of the scalp, thus disguising signs of hair loss. The effect created is of a short, cropped hair style and the pigments can be tailored to each person’s shade of hair and length required (i.e. grade one or grade two crop).

Here is an artist’s impression of what the Prince could look like an a few years time. However with the MHT® the Heir to the throne could be sporting a stylish cropped hair style, making him look more Beckham than balding.

Here is another Prince who would benefit from the MHT®:

Prince Albert II of Monaco married his young bride in July, but failed to impress the media with his bald spot and receding hairline that could be made to look like a natural cropped look with MHT®.

The co-creator of MHT® and Managing Director of HIS Hair Clinic Ian Watson said: “When you’re in the spotlight like members of the Royal family you are under constant scrutiny and pressure to look good. With MHT® you can create a natural look without the hefty price tag and recovery time needed for a hair transplant.”

HIS Hair Clinic opened their first stand alone clinic on Harley Street earlier this year and due to its success the clinic is now in the process of expanding. Along with the new clinic on Harley Street, HIS Hair Clinics have treatment centres all around the world including; China, France, Germany, Holland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, and LA and New York in the US.

Furthermore, HIS Hair Clinic understand the personal affects hair loss can have on an individual and all practitioners are respectful of the client’s discretion whether it be an average Joe, a footballer or the future King.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Channing Tatum creates a stir with his new Buzz cut!

If there was ever any doubt that the new hair trend for men is the buzz cut, Hollywood actor Channing Tatum has now proved the world wrong! Yesterday Channing revealed his new style, we don’t know whether the new look was because of a film role or due to personal preferences but we think it suits him.

Known for starring in films such as The Eagle, GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, Dear John and Step Up; Channing opts for versatile roles ranging from action heroes to the leading man in romantic dramas.

Channing Tatum pre buzz cut

It goes to show whether you’re a movie star or the ‘average Joe’ buzz cuts are the way forward!

Choosing to crop the locks is also a stylish solution for disguising hair loss. For men who are suffering with hair loss, cut the hair down low and opt for MHT® scalp pigmentation. The result is no fuss, no hassle, and no maintenance with a smart and sleek look!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Celebrity pregnancies - confirmed and denied!

Ahhh, the exciting world of celebrity pregnancies, first we pour over the pictures from the initial rumours ‘Is she just bloated?’ ‘Is she expecting?’, then we exclaim with glee with the confirmation that they are carrying the future Shilo’s or Apple’s.

The next few months are usually filled with boy/girl debates, name sweepstakes and disputes of whether we are also to posh to push. One Born Every Minute has made us experts on the whole labour process and procedure meaning given the opportunity we could probably deliver the baby ourselves.

Finally the day arrives; cameras are poised outside of the expensive looking clinic as the proud father comes out to address the press. A beaming smile confirms the name, sex and weight and then the father politely asks for their privacy to be returned.

OK! and Hello are busy writing cheques to get the ‘exclusive’ of the gorgeous looking new mother who would, within weeks, somehow annoyingly be slinking around in the tiny jeans of pre-pregnancy. The mother will be back to her usual celeb lifestyle within months happily juggling mother-hood and her heavy work schedule, whilst we just watch in awe, unable to understand the transformation and lack of stretch-marks.

So, who is part of the celeb baby cycle this year?


Coleen Rooney had to take to Twitter to deny pregnancy rumours after she was papped on holiday last month. Her gorgeous curvy frame sparked intrigue as to whether the WAG was in-fact expecting baby number two. She wrote on her Twitter page: 'Another lovely day in Barbados! And no am not pregnant! Can’t I breathe out and relax on holiday without a pregnancy rumour! #AmnoskinnyMinnie!'


The rumour that never seems to disappear is Beyoncé and babies. Even after her breathtaking performance at Glastonbury, Piers Morgan asked her the question in an interview a few days later. She told Piers, “I always said I’d have a baby at 30. I’m 29. But I also said I was going to retire at 30. So I don’t know.” When pushed further by Piers, who asked, “Can we expect the little patter of little Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s?” In Beyoncé’s own words: “Only God knows.”


At Lily Allen’s wedding last month, the singer’s new Husband Sam Cooper announced the couple were expecting again following a tragic miscarriage six-months ago. The star was showing a tiny bump as she beamed down the aisle in a gorgeous vintage inspired dress. We wish Lily and Sam all the best with the pregnancy and hope everything goes well throughout.

Well-being and health is of upmost importance before, during and after pregnancy and it is advised to take folic acid as well as additional supplements to aid your body during these times.

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