Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A word of warning for Catwoman: your heels are causing Osteoarthritis!

A recent article in The Guardian had a stern word of warning for Gotham City’s leading siren, Catwoman: your sky-scraper heels are damaging your health! Partaking in causal every-day mortal combat in six-inch heels in cartoon world may all be well and good, but when transferred to the real world (and maybe removing the ‘mortal combat’ element), regular wearers of high heels may be inflicting serious damage upon their knee joins in the long-run.

Research carried out by Dr Casey Kerrigan for a Lancet study on the affects heels have upon leg joints has found links between prolonged wearing of high heels and the development of Osteoarthritis in the knee joints. Who would have though that a woman’s staple shoe for centuries could have such damaging affects on our health?! These findings were even shocking for Dr. Kerrigan herself, stating “I had no idea how shoes could have such a huge impact on knee-joint torques.”

Wearing high heels regularly over a period of time puts added pressure upon the knee joint, speeding up the wear-and-tear process that might usually occur much later in life. This degradation of the knee joint, or indeed the development of Osteoarthritis, causes pain, tenderness, stiffness, locking, and effusion, which leaves sufferers in a great deal of constant discomfort and unable to mobilise with ease. As The Guardian’s article suggests, Catwoman should possibly reconsider her sky-scraper heels, as soon she’ll be swapping them for a walking stick…

The Guardian’s advice to Cat Woman is to swap her signature heels in favour of a more practical pair of Doc Martins, however, if you’re not quite ready to ditch your feminine heels in favour of a clumpy pair of the Punk staples, but are worried about the damage this is doing to your knee joints, why not book yourself in for some Bowen Therapy? Bowen is a technique that releases muscular stress at a deep level, teaching the body to heal itself rather than manipulating unnatural change, meaning that the treatment is much more efficient in treating problems in the long-run. Bowen is proven to treat not only general muscular problems, including in the knee area, but is also incredibly affective in the treatment of Arthritis. This makes Bowen perfect for sorting out the stresses that heels put upon the knee joint!

For more information on how Bowen Therapy can help you, not only for Arthritis but for much much more too, visit their website:

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