Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Stressed police may be mental health risk

Policemen and women are more likely to experience psychological trouble, according to research by the University of Buffalo.

The study shows that officers are more likely to suffer long-term mental and physical consequences due to the daily stress of their work.

The study, which considered the wellbeing of Buffalo Police Department members over a five-year period, found strong links between the stress of police activity and sleeplessness, suicide and obesity in later life.

Dr Almuth McDowall, a Chartered Psychologist said: "This US research resonates with our own research here in the UK. The police has been having a bad press lately, but people forget that officers and staff do a demanding and often difficult job day in day out.

"An example is PC Ian Dibell who sacrificed his own life to deal with an incident a few days ago. The job can be inherently dangerous, and cut backs in numbers have meant that demands on individuals have increased.

"Frontline officers are particularly at risk for stress and burnout, but also at risk for work-family conflict. The welfare of the Police must remain a key concern as the effects of the spending review take hold.”

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