Thursday, 19 July 2012

Pantene Pro-V joins forces with UK cancer hair loss charity 'Cancer Haircare'

Within the UK, around 100 000 women experience cancer-related hair loss every year. With such a huge statistic, it really is shocking that UK charity ‘Cancer Haircare’ is the first of its kind, dedicated to alleviating the extra stress that hair loss places upon women battling with the illness on a daily basis. The notion of losing hair, for a woman, can be a very daunting prospect, as stereotypes embedded within our culture seem to dictate that long hair denotes femininity. ‘Cancer Haircare’ aims to help women come to terms with hair loss, giving support at all stages of the hair loss process, and providing tips, such as ways to fashionably tie scarves and great ways to style the hair as it re-grows, for women to re-claim their femininity, showing that it is not a woman’s hair that denotes her femininity, but her inner strength. As founder of ‘Cancer Haircare’, Jasmin Julia Gupta, states, “No woman has to face up to hair loss alone- together we can make hair loss one less worry.”

 It has just been announced that global hair care giant, Pantene Pro-V, is teaming up with ‘Cancer Haircare,’ not only providing the charity with an initial large donation, but creating a special range of Pantene products, displaying the charity’s logo, of which 5p from every sale will go straight to the charity. These ‘Cancer Haircare’ charity products will be available from August this year.

This collaboration is great news, as the charity is finally getting the great support that it really deserves: not only financially, but the involvement of such a global brand, and the added celebrity endorsement from Cat Deeley, will raise the charity’s profile greatly, meaning that their ethos can reach even more women suffering from cancer-induced hair loss, and help to make their fight that bit easier.

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