Thursday, 19 July 2012

HIS Hair Birmingham open day proves to be a hit!

Thursday 5th July saw the HIS hair clinic in Birmingham open its doors to the inquisitive public for a HIS Hair open day. The event proved to be a success, providing prospective clients with a very relaxed, informal opportunity to ask the experts all their burgeoning questions on the treatment and to establish how it can really change their lives for the better, while having the opportunity to see the Micro Hair Technique (MHT) performed right in front of them in the salon chair, and meet other men sharing their hair-loss problem, proving that they are not alone.

The MHT® was performed live in the HIS Hair clinic in front of those that attended, convincing possible sceptics that MHT is a non-invasive, efficient treatment that was working right in front of their eyes!

The open day received a great deal of very positive feedback, clearing up any doubts that prospective clients had, and indeed convincing many of the men that having this treatment is a complete no-brainer! One of the men that attended the event commented “it’s true what they say about it looking far better in person- made my mind up to defo have it done.” This future client went on to comment “I’m convinced that this treatment can give me the life I’ve not had in the last 30 years.” Another male attendee commented “seeing the finished product, watching people actually in the chair having it done was awesome, surreal and above all comforting to know that it’s not just me and all this is not a wind up.”

The Birmingham event at the HIS Hair clinic was clearly an all-round success, cleaning up any doubts with the treatment, convincing many men across the country suffering with hair loss that they are in no way alone, and that HIS Hair is here to provide an easy, non-invasive, and majorly life-changing solution. If you would like more information about the treatment, head on over to the HIS Hair website; , or why not pop in to the clinic today and find out from the HIS Hair experts how this treatment can really enhance your life.

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