Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bowen can help you take action after a stroke

This month sees the launch of the UK’s first Action on Stroke Month.

The Stroke Association is making its first annual push to increase awareness of the impact of a stroke and reach out to many more stroke survivors and their families.

The public are encouraged to support campaigning and fundraising activities.

Already nearly 400 stroke clubs, groups, hospitals and individuals signed up to join Action on Stroke Month and they’ll be:

  • running information and awareness days
  • taking part in events and helping to raise essential funds to support our work
  • celebrating the recoveries that people can make with the right support following their stroke.

Often people affected by a stroke, be that victims or carers, do not know about the support out there for them.

The focus of this year’s Action on Stroke Month is Life After Stroke.

The campaign highlights the everyday difficulties that stroke survivors and their families face and what needs to change to ensure stroke survivors are supported to make their best possible recovery.

Stroke survivors can find it hard to walk and general movement can be very difficult, resulting in severe pain.

Naturally, a person’s state after a stroke can vary depending on their rate of recovery.

Bowen Therapy has seen some wonderful results working with stroke victims.

The Bowen Technique is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive, complementary therapy that can help with post-stroke recovery.

Rather than 'making' the body change, Bowen 'asks' the body to recognise the ailment and make the changes it requires.

During the 30-60 minute treatment, the Bowen practitioner makes small, rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points on the body, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for that individual.

No hard-tissue manipulation or force is needed or used.

Between each set of moves, the body is allowed to rest for a few minutes, to allow it to absorb the information it has received and initiate the healing process.

Bowen is an extremely relaxing experience and can also aid any stress the stroke survivor may be feeling.

Read testimonials from people who used Bowed for post-stroke recovery here.

If you have had a stroke, or are caring for somebody who has, and are interested in how Bowen Therapy can help you visit the website to find a Bowen therapist near you or call 0844 561 7173.

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