Thursday, 16 December 2010

The UK's first Fusion Mesotherapy machine at Aldo Coppola

Want to know where all those in-the-know go for ground-breaking new beauty and health treatments?
Shh... but we'll tell you... it's the prestigious Sloane Avenue salon; Aldo Coppola, and they have launched the first ever Fusion Mesotherapy machine in the UK.

Aldo Coppola is located in the prestigious Knightsbridge/South Kensington area of London, and is loved by celebrities and the 'in-crowds' in Milan, Rome, Montecarlo and Moscow. In London, Aldo Coppola therapists will be using the Fusion Mesotherapy machine in the exclusive Cocoon Spa treatment rooms. These treatments perfectly fit with Aldo Coppola beauty ethos of ‘Advanced Beauty’ combining research, performance and luxury.

Although mesotherapy has been around for many years, Fusion Mesotherapy is a new concept in aesthetic medicine and the Aldo Coppola Spa has its finger on the beauty pulse!

The Fusion Mesotherapy machine will be used for needle-free mesotherapy treatments; the newest generation of professional and non-invasive treatments for enhancing beauty and health. The way in which the Fusion Mesotherapy machine works is by transmitting products that are applied to the surface of the skin through to the dermal layer of the skin using radio-frequency waves, because sometimes our skin just needs a little extra help!

The benefits of the radio-frequency method are bounteous; not only is treatment pain-free and needle-free, but it does not damage the skin, and the slight increase in temperature stimulates collagen synthesis and skin tightening- cue youthful, plump, healthy skin!

Highly trained therapists at Aldo Coppola are performing these advanced face and body treatments using a combination of state of the art products such as the exclusive specialist Swiss brand, Cellcosmet to prepare the skin.

Depending on what results you are looking for, the treatments can effectively target dark circles and under-eye bags, wrinkles, expression lines, stretch-marks and cellulite conditions- all our problems solved! Results can be instantaneous but for sustained benefits a course of six sessions is recommended, and prices start from £95.00 for the Eyes treatment; £110 for the body treatment.

Hello Santa... I have a new idea for my Christmas List!!!

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