Thursday, 9 December 2010

LOVEFiLM Fashion Show at the Clothes Show Live!

The Furore PR team had a wonderful time at Birmingham's Clothes Show Live 2010 at the NEC last weekend, when we put on a fabulous fashion show for LOVEFiLM!

 Europe's leading European DVD, Blu-ray and games rental service, plus London advertising company 18 Feet and Rising and us here at Furore PR worked together for the project, producing the amazing show on Sunday 5th December.

LOVEFiLM boasts Britain's largest range of films and games (70,000 and counting!) and a whopping 1.4million members. The service is a super-convenient way to get your movie fix, as you can watch films online, titles are shipped to your door for free and there are no late fees of fixed contracts. Just choose what you want to rent, then whenever you're done with it post it back in the envelope it came in. Simples!

18 Feet approached us as we are a Birmingham-based company and have lots of experience in organising fashion shows (we're the only PR agency outside of London to have clients at London Fashion Week!)

The show, titled 'Filmwear' was based on what people wear when they watch movies at home; cue shouldn't-be-allowed-but-I-want-one Onesies and custom-made clothing including an inflatable 'matress' dressing-gown, a quilted 'duvet' robe and 'pillow' pants!

Yes, you heard, your movie-watching companion can now rest their head on your padded jogging-bottoms- the ultimate in home-cinema comfort.

You've seen the 'Snuggie' blanket with sleeves, but the red quilted duvet-dress has a detachable pillow-hood! Just in case you venture outside in your cosiest coat yet!

The models on the catwalk played different characters like 'Twilight fans' and a hunky topless 'Bachelor' (check him out below), and strutted their stuff to a movie-inspired soundtrack including 'Eye of the Tiger' and 'Independent Woman'.

The show proves that LOVEFiLM love to entertain their audiences in innovative and sometimes wacky ways, and demonstrated how LOVEFiLM bring premiere films into the lives and living rooms of us mere mortals.

Now, where can I get my hands on a matress-jacket...

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