Thursday, 16 December 2010

HIS Hair Clinic's "amazing" solution to male hair loss

Adee Phelan is an award-winning celebrity stylist who starred in Channel 4's The Salon, who has clients ranging from Liza Minnelli to Marco Pierre White, Girls Aloud and Piers Morgan, .

Adee was responsible for that David Beckham crop for GQ magazine, emulated by millions in 2002, just before the World Cup. The funky asymmetrical Mohawk won him the Image of the Year award 2002, and made having a cropped hair style irrevocably cool.

Adee worked with us to produce the video link below, in which he talks about HIS Hair clinic's innovative solution to male hair loss; Micro Hair Technique (MHT®). The ground-breaking scalp pigmentation technique was pioneered and launched 9 years ago HIS hair clinic and creates a natural looking simulation of micro hairs on the scalp, creating the appearance of a short cropped hair style, à la Wentworth Miller and Vin Diesel (hello sex appeal!)

 The technique can help men suffering from alopecia, receding hairlines, balding, partial hair loss caused for example by medication, and can even help to camoflage scarring on the scalp.

MHT® involves no surgery, no scarring, no hair pieces and the end result is not only highly effective but bang on-trend. HIS hair Clinic can customise the scalp pigment to suit the individual and give that flawless, confidence-boosting hairline coveted by many men.

Before treatment

After treatment
Adee is a huge supporter of HIS Hair Clinic's "amazing" MHT technique, saying "Finally there’s a product on the market that men who suffer from hair loss can relate to. Nowadays, cropped hair cuts are worn by a lot of men, so MHT is perfect for those who want an on trend look. Its non surgical and easy to maintain after the technique has been applied and I was amazed to find that HIS Hair Clinic have clients from all over the world that come to them for this treatment."

See below for the video:

Treatments are available throughout the UK in clinics based in the prestigious London Harley Street, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and the flagship Birmingham clinic.

For more infor or for a free face-to-face or Skype consultation just call the team on 0845 604 4618, e-mail, or visit


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