Wednesday, 1 February 2012

London Fashion Week: Jane Winkworth's French Sole

4weeks till March – Lets release the colour of the rainbow!
Jane Winkworth born in England was the founder of French sole in 1989. The designer’s signature style is ballerina ballet flats. With 2012 London fashion week just around the corner, we had a deeper look into the gorgeous range perfect for spring/summer!

With French Sole you always know what to expect, the key trends to look out for in the world of ballet are filled with coloured crocs, pythons, leopard and the candy store of pumps.  Acid Brights seem like a must, rather than your basic neutral shades. So what does 2012 hold for Jane’s Brand?  Sumptuous textiles, rich earth tones or spring berry shades? Jane will be releasing a limited edition of her ballet flats, as this is the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! There might be a Design for the London Olympics 2012 to look out for too.

Nearly two decades on from her first designs, Jane the creator and owner was selling her pretty flats to Royal woman last year, with the Duchess of Cambridge ordering new pairs for Kate’s sister and mother who are obviously big fans of Jane too. The shoe-designers other A-list celebrity followers include Madonna, Sarah Jessica parker, and Emma Watson.

Jane’s shoes are available online and are stocked exclusively in Harrods and Topshop with prices starting from £100-£150 the fashion conscious won’t want to be seen in anything else this spring/summer season!

As a lover of shoes I’m definitely Jane’s ideal customer, but I think every woman who appreciates style, comfort, value and attention to detail would love to be seen in a pair. Her shoes have won so many awards and are regarded by all the fashion press, ‘the real deal’ and the only flat worth buying.

I’ve never been able to make up my mind when it comes to shoes, so these shoes will see you through every occasion with style to spare. The ballet beauties are timeless and tick all the boxes, we look forward to the show case at the London fashion week just 3weeks away!

Find Jane:

17-22nd February – Autumn/winter 2012
2012 London fashion week
East Wing Showrooms/East Wing, Ground Floor
(Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA)

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