Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Big Brother star fears going bald

Big Brother star Imogen Thomas has admitted to suffering from alopecia as a child.

The 29-year-old talked about how her hair had fallen out during an interview with Closer Magazine.

'When I was 10, I developed alopecia and big clumps of my hair fell out,'

'I had a lot of stress – my mum was a single parent and raised me and my sister on her own. My sister used to take over a lot and was very demanding. Then my mum got a new boyfriend who she’s still with now. We had to adapt.’

The reality star was afraid she would ‘go bald’ following the stress of her affair with footballer Ryan Giggs last year.

'The alopecia went on for a few years and, whenever I’m stressed like recently, it starts falling out again. I’m terrified I’ll go bald.'

Alopecia, which has been linked to stress, can affect both men and women and appears as bald patches on the scalp. The hair will often grow back, but those who suffer may always find it flairs up during stressful times. 

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