Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Massage to be rolled out into primary schools

Schools across the country have begun to introduce massage as a daily subject along-side science, English and maths.

The new initiative aims to help the children de-stress after lunch by performing light massage movements on each other through their clothes.

Research has shown that the treatment can aid concentration and contribute to a calmer working environment. It is thought the massage will help the children learn to respect each other and themselves.

The parents must give permission for their child to be involved and the schools that have been part of the scheme so far have had pleased with the feedback from the children and parents. 

One parent who supported the scheme said: 'Apparently it is doing really well in other schools so it is worth a try. It might calm them down a bit. My daughter enjoys it and she even does it to me.'

Head of the 550-pupil school, Mrs Hobson, said: 'It makes such a difference to the way the children calm down and get focused on their work.

'Actually, they end up getting far more done in the afternoon than if they are still all a bit jittery from having been out playing football or running around with their friends or whatever.

'I first saw peer massage in one of the local schools in Sheffield and I noticed how calming it was for the children and how well they managed to get on with their work in the afternoons.”

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