Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A not so distant look into the future of hair restoration

Whilst looking at various alternatives for hair loss we came across a story in The LosAngeles Times regarding robot- assisted hair restoration!

The technique is said to use robotic technology “ARTAS” to pluck hairs from the thicker fuller part of your head at the back and sides and then move them to the balding areas where necessary.

It normally takes eight to nine hours to individually harvest, by hand, the 1,000 follicle clusters needed to build a full mane of hair, according to Dr. James Harris, director of the Hair Sciences Center of Colorado in Denver.

However the machine is said to be able to complete the treatment much faster with a quicker recovery time according to Dr. Harris who has started treating patients after the robot was cleared by the FDA in America.

Whilst the robot is carrying out the treatment, the Doctor can watch on a monitor from another room to keep an eye on its handy work. The technique uses a special blade that removes the follicle without damaging it. 

According to the story, the usual treatment would cost $5,000 to $10,000, but because it saves the physician time, they offer patients a discount if they let “ARTAS” do the follicle extraction.

Before you conjure up images of C-3PO chatting to you about your holidays whilst beautifying your Barnett, the treatment is currently licensed it to only the Restoration Robotics Inc. of Mountain View, California, the company that makes ARTAS. 

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