Thursday, 2 June 2011

Meet the New Arrival... WaterBaby!

We have a wonderful new arrival in the office... it's cute, it's exciting and it fills us with joy...
It's our new client; WaterBaby®!

WaterBaby® are a pioneering pregnancy care brand who have come up with an innovative new way for women to consume their daily recommended amount of folic acid, as well as keep hydrated throughout all stages of pre-conception, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

WaterBaby® is an everyday water drink fortified with 400mcg of folic acid (that's exactly how much you need every day), plus a careful blend of vitamins and minerals including Zinc and Calcium, designed to provide nutrition, care and hydration in one easily accessible 500ml bottle.

Everybody knows that pregnant women need folic acid, but not everyone is aware of the reasons why, and the benefits of taking it before conception and after the birth.

Folic acid is an essential B vitamin important for promoting healthy cell growth in the unborn baby, and a good steady supply can help reduce the risk of babies developing a neural tube defect, such as Spina Bifida, which can occur 25 to 29 days into a woman’s pregnancy. As these defects form so early, many women are not even aware that they are pregnant; that's why it's recommended that folic acid supplements are taken as soon as contraception stops being used, to ensure the health and happiness of your unborn child!

WaterBaby® is the brainchild of Ben Ridgway, who watched his wife take folic acid tablets then frustratingy suffer morning sickness. Market research proves this is a very simple yet overly common problem, and thus WaterBaby® was born as an alternative solution! The water based drink contains a slight hint of grapefruit (much more palatable than tablets!) in order to help quench any nauseating feelings. Also, it is designed to fit conveniently into the modern woman's lifestyle, as an accessible drink to be consumed throughout the day rather than a tablet to be taken after meals.

As an added bonus, WaterBaby® keeps you hydrated, which is vital for a healthy pregnancy and can help to alleviate many common side effects of pregnancy, including constipation and haemorrhoids, plus it helps to prepare the body for numerous physiological changes. It is also extremely important for breastfeeding mothers to keep hydrated as approximately 88 per cent of breast milk consumed by the baby is water, which comes directly from the mother’s body.

WaterBaby® is available as singles costing £1.50 per bottle, a weekly pack for £9.99, and a 28 pack to last four weeks costing £29.99 for the month -saving 56p per bottle! So stock up! WaterBaby® has a 6-month shelf-life (without refrigeration), is suitable for vegetarians and comes in fully recyclable packaging. For more info on or to place an order just visit

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