Thursday, 26 May 2011

Furore Style... Chic Chinos!

Our resident blogger extraordinaire and bundle of fun, Stacey, came into the office last week looking rather ‘reem’…

Stacey’s chinos were from New Look (£23), selected after trying on 7 (yes, 7!) different pairs because these ones are “nice and stretchy so I can eat a lot and dance around, see?”, she says, following this with some Jersey Shore fist pumping. You can get similar styles from all good high street stores now. We love these ones in a rusty rose colour from Urban Outfitters (£48)

Stacey's vintage sleeveless blouse was picked up from a warehouse in Berlin (she went on a wee Eurotrip recently and has been banging on about this vintage shop where you pay by the kilo ever since). We especially love the pin-up girls, camels and palm trees it features!

 Similar styles are all over Topshop, including this floral number (£28)...
The necklace was her grandmas, but this similar crystal pendant is available from Debenhams for £30...

The cardigan and the suede tassel moccasins are old faithfuls from New Look, and we think they finish this look off just nicely!

Now let's hope there isn't a swarm of Stacey-likes in her replica outfit turning up for work next week... (one Stacey is more than enough for us!)

Furore love!

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