Thursday, 13 September 2012

It's a hair mystery! Where have Jude Law's locks sprung from?!

Jude Law was spotted out last week promoting his new film ‘Anna Karenina’ at the Toronto Film Festival with an uncharacteristic full head of hair. The actor seemed to have reverted back to his ‘glory days’, sporting a full, curly mop to set off his sharp suit for the festival, only a few months after being spotted with a more shaven look, and a year on from pictures that made way for speculation that the star was suffering from hair loss. Law claims his previous lack of hair was for the film, purposefully shaving his head to fit his latest role as Anna Karenina’s partner, commenting ‘I think that’s why I wore a hat for the best part of three months.’

However, with the pictures circulating back in 2011, showing Jude looking distinctly thin on top, his new-found crowning glory is a somewhat mystery- did your locks really just miraculously spring up over night, Mr. Law?...


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