Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Adapt Your Budget & Business Planning

Every business owner needs to know the 2012/13 Budget implications on their business. Adapt Accountancy’s Budget & Business Planning workshop will educate, advise and assist business owners in understanding how the 2012/13 Budget affects their business and implicates growth and development
When? 20/09/2012
Where? The Bond at Fazeley, 180 Fazeley St, Birmingham, B5
What time? 17:45 - 20:45
Topics discussed:
  • Business strategy & planning
  • Pareto Law application
  • Creating a working budget
  • Managing budget variances
  • Your marketing budget
  • Financial statements
  • Manage and measure you performance against a budget
  • Analyse the relationships between expense and revenue

Adapt Accountancy™ is very keen and pro-active in assisting business owners beyond their expectations of a “typical accountancy”. At this workshop, Adapt will be introducing tested and proven strategies & techniques for your business to grow and develop in 2012/13
Throughout the workshop, we welcome your questions on topics relating to your business - making sure that our business workshops are relevant and applicable

  • Registrations and general business networking
  • Introduction of the speaker
  • Brief introduction of each business attendee
  • Interactive workshop and exercises
     – Onwards: Refreshments and hot snacks are served
     – Onwards: Optional networking

Q.   Will I hear the same old stuff I’ve heard in other business seminars or read in books?
A.   This is an interactive workshop; not a boring PowerPoint seminar full of jargon-happy accountants! We invite only 1 business representative from each industry

You get:

  • An interactive budget & business planning workshop with networking opportunities
  • Intensive exercises to aid your understanding of budget implications in the context of your own business
  • No obligations consultation with chartered accountants, employment law experts, property consultants, independent financial advisers and more
  • Hot snacks and refreshment
Whether you’re a new manager that’s a little nervous about budgeting, or an experienced manager wanting to smooth out the rough spots –  this course will teach you budget tactics and techniques and boost your confidence and financial acumen

If you are an Adapt Accountancy client/partner then the event is free to attend. If you aren’t, you can register and pay £10 for the event at Eventbrite.com here

For more information on the event, you can call 0121 288 8889


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