Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Top ten celebrities that use alternative therapy

Alterative therapy is definitely having a moment.

It’s no longer reserved for quirky or bohemian souls, it is becoming far more widely used.

Celebrity treatments are now available at your local spa or beauty salon.

Here’s a list of ten celebrity alternative therapies, some a little more alternative than others.

Yoga – Madonna

The Queen of Pop is renowned for her love of yoga. She practices Ashtanga yoga, a style which encourages more dynamic movements and transitions between the postures, as a wonderful physical, mental and spiritual discipline.

Acupuncture – Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo, who has recently lost over a stone, attributes her weight-loss to this Eastern art of healing. It uses fine, hollow needles inserted at specific sites on the body called meridians, to rebalance energy, improve health and relieve stress.

Reiki – Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman uses the ancient healing art of Reiki to ease the stresses of her busy life. Reiki, practiced by “laying on the hands”, is a form of energetic healing designed to remove blocks within the body that cause disease and mental illness.

Meditation – Russell Simmons

Co-founder of hip-hop record label Def Jam, Russell Simmons, has been meditating for nearly 15 years. He couples this daily practice with detoxifying steam showers, a light work-out routine and a vegan diet for the ultimate health regime.

Ayurveda – Christy Turlington

Supermodel and mom, Christy Turlington, is an avid practitioner of Ayurveda. This is a holistic system that guides you to live according to your ‘dosha’ i.e. your body-mind type.

Homeopathy – Catherine Zeta-Jones

Mrs Michael Douglas has used homeopathic medicine Arnica since filming Chicago back in 2002. It helps heal bruising, muscle aches and stiffness, which she suffered with on the Chicago shoot.

Gemstone Therapy – Uma Thurman

The Kill Bill star engages in Gem Therapy, a practice where followers believe that certain gems radiate specific energies that can affect mood and well-being. Rubies and roselle can help with emotional healing and uplift according to Gem Therapy.

Hydrotherapy – Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who sadly died last year, supposedly used hydrotherapy as an alternative treatment for his pancreatic cancer. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating illness.

Chinese Cupping – Gwyneth Paltrow

Chinese Cupping is a kind of acupuncture which involves placing heated cups over the skin to encourage blood flow and ease stress, aches, and pains. In 2004, Gwyneth Paltrow turned up to a film premiere with large circular bruises on her back from cupping.

Leech Therapy – Demi Moore

Leech Therapy involves leeches releasing an enzyme into your blood when they’re biting down on you. Supposedly, it optimises health and detoxifies the blood. Demi Moore admitted she had undergone Leech Therapy in Austria for its healing properties.

If you want to try a little less bloodthirsty alternative therapy, you should consider Bowen.

The Bowen Technique is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive, complementary therapy.

Rather than 'making' the body change, Bowen 'asks' the body to recognise the ailment and make the changes it requires.

Bowen can help sports injuries, migraine and digestive problems as well as stress and sleep problems.

During the 30-60 minute treatment, the Bowen practitioner makes small, rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points on the body, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for that individual.

No hard-tissue manipulation or force is needed or used.

Between each set of moves, the body is allowed to rest for a few minutes, to allow it to absorb the information it has received and initiate the healing process.

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