Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Salesmen top of Britain's bald professions

A study of 1,903 male workers, conducted by REGAINE® Foam for men, found 60% of those specialising in selling goods or services suffer from some degree of hair loss.

This could be either a receding hair line, thinning on the scalp or total baldness. Just over half of those people working in the sales industry believe that their long working hours were contributing to their thinning hair.

Second in the list of professionals most likely to lose hair are software engineers and developers – with 59% claiming to have some degree of baldness.

55% of male nurses have to contend with a visible scalp, putting them in third place.

Falling just behind in fourth place is drivers. 71% of drivers claim they work long hours and see this as a big factor in their hair loss.

Nicola Reid, Brand Manager for REGAINE® for Men Foam says:

‘While it’s commonly believed that stress and work pressures make hair loss worse, the hereditary nature of the condition means that it’s more likely that your parents are to blame not your career choice!’
Just under half of shop assistants asked claimed they were thinner on top than they’d like, leaving them in fifth place in the poll.

Office managers, Engineers, Bankers, Marketers, Production Managers and Electricians are also featured in the top 10 baldest professions.

The survey shows that 61% of men think that their colleagues do not take them seriously as a result of balding.

And another 61% felt less attractive with little or no hair compared to when they were sporting a full head.

Even though the survey shows that hair loss is a big issue for men, the majority of men surveyed were not taking any steps to combat their hair loss, with 83% doing nothing to treat their balding.

They may be hesitant about spending money on questionable medication or undergoing drastic surgery. Yet HIS Hair’s scalp pigmentation could provide the non-surgical, non-medicated but undoubtedly dependable disguise for this unsure majority.

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1. Salesman

2. Software

3. Nurse

4. Driver

5. Shop Assistant

6. Banker and Marketing

7. Office Manager

8. Engineer

9. Production Manager

10. Electrician

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