Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Could QR be the new code for fashion?

Footballers from Bromfield FC look like they are starting a new trend by having QR (Quick Response) codes shaved into the back of their heads.

The team took to their razors in a PR stunt for Betfair’s new mobile site before their FA Cup tie with Leyton Orient.

Celebrity stylist Daniel Johnson, whose clients include, Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand, was given the tough task to shave the styles into the sportsmen’s hair.

He said, “I’m used to styling footballers’ hair – and trust me I’ve had some weird requests from them before – but this was in a different league. The QR cuts certainly put my skills to the test.”

QR codes have to be incredibly accurate to be effective, even the slightest hair out of place could stop it from working hair, but Daniel Johnson is famous for his sharp cuts, so did the QR Code work?

Alex from Betfair said, “I’m pleased to say that the QR code did work, we based the haircut on a working QR code which our mobile team developed specially. Although to have successfully scanned the players’ hair you would have had to get up close and personal with them, and not too many people had that opportunity!”

Unfortunately, the new hair style didn’t do much for their performance as they lost 3-0 in the tie.

Oh well, at least they have their lovely heads to admire. 

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