Friday, 25 March 2011

Hedz Ltd- More than your Average..

Hedz Ltd is a creative arts and design organisation with a difference. They thrive on stimulating creativity through tuition and workshops but using cool art forms like graffiti, breakdancing, DJing and clothing customisation.

Aerosol art has not always been considered a legitimate art form, but with prominent graffiti artists like Banksy storming the nation the times are a-changing! Birmingham’s street art scene is fizzing with talent, from the award-winning spiritual aerosol artist, Mohammed Ali (a.k.a Aerosolarabic) to those battling at Secret Wars and the work showcased in shops like Kings Heath’s ‘In A City Arts’ and the Custard Factory’s ‘Bench 504’ . You only need to have a wander round Digbeth’s Eastside to see that the street-art scene is quietly booming. Aerosol art has gained a huge following but it has become much more than street graffiti, and is being used in novel new ways to benefit communities.

Miles Hesketh has turned his passion for street-art into a successful career, co-founding Hedz Ltd alongside Stuart Styles in 2003 while still a Birmingham University student. Then the focus was on event management and promotion; they launched Birmingham's award-winning and legendary hip-hop music night, 'Heducation' at rave-worthy venues including the Custard factory, the Rainbow and the HMV Institute.

In the ten years since its birth, Hedz has grown into a creative arts and design organisation with its finger in many creative pies. They run youth engagement workshops on everything from aerosol art to breakdancing, DJ-ing and clothing customisation; encouraging children to tap into their creativity in cool ways that appeal to the street-savvy kids of today. Their projects have included collaborative murals, transforming vandalised bus shelters and even skate ramps.

Their ethos is that learning doesn’t have to be academic, and Hedz are one of a number of organisations working with schools to promote creativity and change people’s perceptions of aerosol art. However, Hedz are also a successful commercial venture, as they often produce commissioned artwork and marketing material for local and national brands that need a little extra pizzazz. From the Custard Factory’s weekly Flea Market mural to a customised charity pair of jeans for the Bull Ring Bull in Birmingham, they’ve also worked with multi-national companies; creating bespoke artwork for Virgin’s first-class lounges, designing murals for the set of a Walkers Crisps advertisement and even customising clothing for Britain’s Got Talent!

Miles has a varied creative background; from graphic design to DJ-ing to teaching music and art. His advice for others looking to start a business from something they love? “If you’re passionate about something, you can turn it into a fulfilling career. Just believe in what you do, seek good advice, research the market, your competitors and where there are gaps. A dream is only a dream if you don’t have a plan."
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