Friday, 25 March 2011

HEDZ Creative Open Day Success!

As you may have read in This article on The Birmingham Press website, Furore PR recently organised an educational creative arts workshop day hosted by the fabulous creative arts and design organisation, Hedz.

Held on Monday 21st March, at Zellig; Birmingham’s newest creative hub for arts and culture, the event brought together schools and children from across the Midlands to participate in a range of engaging workshops teaching creative drawing, aerosol art, oil painting and DJing (hosted by three times world champion, DJ Switch!)     

Aerosol Art workshop with Hedz' Stuart Styles and tutor Stephen White
 Over the past ten years, Hedz have become leaders of youth engagement workshops for art and creation in education across Central England. They work with schools and colleges, helping to educate young people through the creative outlets of art and music. Not only have Hedz founders created a diverse range of inspirational workshops that engage young people in artistic development, but they also illustrate the importance of community values and team-work, through fun creative activities.

The creative open day event featured tutorials from Hedz founders Miles Hesketh and Stuart Styles, alongside fellow aerosol artist Stephen White and inspiring demonstrations from the regions most creative individuals, including Popbang Colour artist, Ian Cook. Ian has become famous for the artwork recently shown on ITV’s Daybreak which is done using a remote control car ran across the canvases- a novel method that produces amazing results!

Popbang- Ian with some of his unique work

Ian Cook from Popbang colour explaining his unique artistic methods

Voiceover artist Marc Silk, who you'd recognise as the voice of Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo and US Bob the Builder also taught the children how to do authentic Scooby Doo sounds!  You can't say the day wasn't varied!
The workshops held at the creative open day weren't just about having fun- they encouraged children to work together, expand on their social and teamwork skills, whilst giving them the opportunity to gain new abilities in areas that they would not necessarily be exposed to in a traditional classroom setting.
The event received local support from Costco who provided food for the school children and staff that attended, including an amazing feed-the-five-thousand iced sponge cake- a Furore PR fave! Also a massive thanks to the Custard Factory's Zellig who provided the perfect creative space for the workshops to take place.
Specialist Crafts, the UK’s biggest supplier to education, sponsored the event providing all the art supplies used on the day, so the children had a huge range of canvases, paper, pencils and art supplies to get creative with, and also a massive shout out to photographer Jack Gibbs is in order for all his fantastic images.

The creative day also allowed schools to gain access to industry professionals who understand the benefits of working with young people to improve their prospects within education and employment.
When asked about their thoughts on the event, Miles and Stuart, the Hedz maestros said “We were very excited to be able to extend our current service, thus engaging various groups of young people who may not have previously interacted, and uniting them in a common creative cause.”

You can find Hedz on Facebook, Twitter (Hedz_Art_Music) or sign up to their newsletter via the Hedz website:

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