Tuesday, 19 June 2012

“Hats up, ma’am” – fashion police at Royal Ascot 2012

Today the gates open for the Royal Ascot 2012, if you’re lucky enough to go of course.

If you are, I hope your attire matches the strict dress code put in place this year.

This is due to a trend of wacky outfits and larger than life hats; perusing these can be a sport within itself.  

Organisers have arranged special ‘fashion police’ armed with pashminas, hats and coats to stop any offenders in their tracks.

There’s always been a dress code at Royal Ascot, in previous years this has included no showing midriffs and no mini skirts, but this year the rules are much stricter.

Women are expected to wear skirts or dresses that fall just above the knee or longer.

Dresses that expose shoulders and strapless or spaghetti strap dresses are banned.

The rules are more stringent if you’re lucky enough to sip champagne in the Royal enclosure - fascinators are not acceptable, only hats and headpieces.

If you’re in the grandstand which is open to the public, a hat or fascinator is now compulsory.

Don’t think men get off lightly either, they must wear a black or grey morning dress, which must include a waistcoat, tie and black shoes, cravats are not acceptable.

By implementing these fashion rules, they’re eliminating a lot of the fun out of Ascot - catching sight of the outrageous outfits.

I suppose we’ll just have to watch it for the races, oh and the celebrity spotting -  with the Royal family guaranteed to make an appearance, along with a bevy of celebrities.


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