Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hair today gone tomorrow

Poor Wayne Rooney just can’t seem to keep his hair on as it appears his £30,000 hair transplant has started to thin out.

The pictures of the 26-year-old emerged as he boarded a flight to Switzerland to play FC Basel in the Champion’s League tonight.

From what was a thick thatch on top now looks visibly thinner as the footballer continues his battle with alopecia.

Usually the hair is taken from thicker fuller parts at the back of the head and then is transplanted into the receding hair-line or bald spots.

However, hair transplants often take 6-12 months to settle in and those undergoing treatment can end up with patchy areas depending on whether the new hair grows in its new place.

If you are suffering from a form of alopecia it is essential that you explore all of the options and the possible side-effects before committing to a treatment. 

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