Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Midlands Media Challenge – Furore girls don’t finish last!

The challenge was simple, get all the PROs and Journalists from in and around Birmingham into a room, throw down the gauntlet of a pub quiz style evening and let the competition begin.

The room was actually the upstairs of the very lovely ‘Nuvo’ bar near Broad Street, and the quizmaster was the extremely distinguished Bob Warman off of Central News fame, complete with cheeky jokes and a warming smile.

Prize wise, it was not just the champagne that got us excited, or the Milk Tray that had Nav’s eyes lit up, but the prestigious honour of hopefully not coming last in the Midlands Media Challenge (we had high hopes).

So how did the Furore PR girls get on?

General knowledge – we’re not that blonde you know. 8 out of 10 thank-you!

Music – Steph whipped out her extensive knowledge of funk and soul to gain maximum points!

Media – This was our speciality baby! But who did invent the radio? Answers on a postcard!

Picture – If only Nikki could remember The South Bank Show, but she could hum the tune!

Birmingham – We are ashamed to say we didn’t know Birmingham’s motto ‘Forward’! Did you?

Overall, we came SIXTH (from bottom)! Well, we were pleased anyway.

With over £2000 raised for Birmingham’s Air Ambulance it was a successful night all round, so we’re off to start revising for the next one...

Thanks to the CIPR for organising the fantastic event.

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