Thursday, 28 July 2011

Look healthy and youthful the natural way!

The Furore PR team along with millions of other women (and a percentage of men!) around the world are always on the look out for the latest skincare that can help us preserve our youthful looks. Well look no further as we present to you the newest Botox alternative – Organic Natox.

We know, we’ve heard it all before but we can assure you that Natox is a product with a difference. As the name suggests it’s an organic and natural alternative that gives the same results as Botox but without needles and most importantly without any of the chemicals.

For those of us that opt to live eco-friendly lifestyles Natox is music to our ears – just because we want to try and help the environment doesn’t mean we neglect our skin or don’t want to look our best does it? Furthermore there are a lot of us that are conscious about the chemicals and treatments that we often expose our skin to.

Natox is a clinically proven anti-ageing cream that delivers 100% natural ingredients to the skin. It features a revolutionary skin relaxing process which does not use chemical reduced reactions and instead utilizes science based quantum physics. The results are simple:

• Lines become reduced

• Smoother and refined skin tone

• Skin becomes firmer and more plump

• Improved hydration

• Luminous complexion

Created by world leading scientists, Natox is fragrance free, not tested on animals and has virtually no carbon footprint – something that not many products can shout about!

We also have to mention the fabulous packaging; the 50ml bottle is a sleek ergonomic design that just further reinforces its natural appeal. Perfect for both young and mature women, you simply apply a small amount to the tip of your finger and gently massage into the problem area on the face until fully absorbed. Use Natox twice daily morning and night and notice the changes after four weeks.

If you want to capture your natural beauty look no further than Natural Botox – Natox!
For more information email or telephone 0844 822 2611.

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