Friday, 28 January 2011

EVENT: MHT® press day at Adee Phelan's salon in London!

Award winning celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan will introduce HIS Hair Clinic's innovative, cutting edge hair loss solution; MHT, at the Press Day we're holding in London on Tuesday 1st Feb.

We are throwing a fabulous breakfast for press, editors, journalists and freelancers, to introduce them to the amazing MHT® (Micro Hair Technique).

MHT (Micro Hair Technique) is already creating a buzz in EUROPE, THE MIDDLE EAST and USA, as the pioneering solution to male hair loss, balding, receding hairlines, scarring and alopecia. The technique effectively gives the appearance of short, shaved hair and massively restores male confidence, as well as looking stylish and youthful.
 Adee's introduction will be followed by a live DEMONSTRATION of MHT® by the HIS Hair Clinic experts, followed by a relaxed Q & A session.

The event will be held at Adee's (celeb-haunt!) salon at;
29 Shorts Gardens
Covent Garden
(Nearest tube station: Covent Garden)

If you're interested in attending please RSVP- just leave a comment below or send us a email to


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  2. WELL our press day was a huge hit!

    After a girly sleepover in London, we filled Adee's quirky salon with goodie bags, fruit juice and The Most Delicious muffins and pastries EVER from the local patisserie- the banoffee one was my fave, but blueberry hit the spot too!

    Adee gave a fab introduction to the MHT Technique, emphasising how he urges his clients suffering from hair loss or receding hairlines to avoid poor attempts to cover it up, and to embrace the short crop. He himself started losing his hair at an early age and has since worn his hair shaved. Adee was his charismatic self and chatted to the lovely journalists and writers enthusiastically about His Hair Clinic and their hair loss treatments.

    Ranbir and Ian (the pioneers of the MHT Technique) were on hand to explain the technique and answer the journalist's questions, as Ranbir performed a MHT treatment on personal trainer Khan Rogers, who smiley and chatted his way through the one-hour procedure, and surfaced looking great.

    We also met some past clients of HIS, who shared their experiences of the MHT Technique and their amazing results.

    London DJ Simon expressed how he feels the need to speak out about the technique and how it has improved his confidence leaps and bounds, because he feels he has a duty to let other men know what options are out there.

    Jason had a hair transplant at age 20 and had spent tens of thousands of dollars on hair loss treatments, but they had left him scarred, disappointed and even less confident than before. Jason then discovered HIS Hair Clinic, who were able to offer him corrective treatment and restore his self-confidence, leaving him happier than ever.

    One interesting question regarded the use of the MHT Technique on women; Ranbir has had the technique used around her parting to give a fuller-looking head of hair. Another key question was about how long the MHT Technique lasts, and Ian himself was the perfect example of the longevity of the technique, as he had his treatment done 7 years ago though it looks like it was done yesterday.

    All in all a fantastic day for a fantastic cause, watch this space for the next HIS Hair Clinic event which will launch their new Harley Street salon!